What is the Museum Of Gaming?

The games industry is now one of the largest commercial sectors in the world and as such regular gaming is a part of most people's lives. The history of gaming and research into the functions of gaming are attracting more and more interest. The Museum of Gaming houses a central archive of many thousand objects including some very rare and significant items. The aims of the museum are to provide research, resources and exhibits around the development and history of games.

The project is growing rapidly with events and outreach work across Lancashire. The current goals are to create the museum in terms of acquisitions, collection management, museum policy, research goals and public projects. We do not have an exhibition space that is permanently open to the public like many other museums do. We are, at the moment, a touring museum that takes its exhibitions to targetted events. We also hire out our exhibitions, please see our events page for more details and where and when you can visit us.

This website is only a preview of what will be happening here and we have many thousands more items than are in the database. Feel free to explore and if you want to stay up to date then please follow the various social networking links above. Please take a look at the information page for the museum's statement of purpose, governance documents and links to our community.

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