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A brief history of the Museum of Gaming's archives as they have grown.

Archive Number 5 - Coming Soon

Currently being prepared

We are now preparing a new archive space so that we can bring all of our collections together and have a room where we can store our arcade machines, video games as well as our board game archive. The new archive will allow us to maintain the collections better and give us the space we need.

The space should be ready later this year (Covid-19 delays permitting).

Archive Number 4 - Store First

September 2017 - Present

We moved into Store First Preston to help protect the collections. The previous archive was leaking in places and had some damp areas. This move was intended to be a longer term storage while the museum's activities were reduced.

Using a dedicated storage company was a good move, it has easy access and made loading and unloading exhibition equipment much easier. We only decided to move out to reunite and merge the collections.

Archive Number 3 - Marsh Lane

January 2017 - September 2017

This archive was spacious and allowed us to open to the public to a certain degree. We hosted retro games nights and had enough room to have some semi-permanent displays and areas to game in. Unfortunately, in 2017 the museum had to close down for a while due to the ill health of the curator and the whole project was put on hold.

The collections were moved into a long term storage location.

Archive Number 2 - Derby House

January 2016 - January 2017

The collections soon became too large and a dedicated archive space was needed. We moved into Derby House in Preston Lancashire in 2016. We had plenty of storage space and lots of tables and chairs giving us plenty of room to play as well as set up exhibition tests.

We eventually needed somewhere that was easier for people to come and visit so we once again moved on.

Archive Number 1 - Home

September 2014 - January 2016

The first iteration of the Museum of Gaming archive started at the curator's home where a large collection of gaming memrobillia was boxed up and labelled ready to be catalougued. This included some rare game development systems and items collected over a life time of gaming.

As the museum formed into an entity that was starting to hold exhibitions we realised that a dedicated archive was required.

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