We house a large collection of items related to the history of gaming.

Ancient Gaming Collection

Our ancient gaming collection contains game related artefacts from many ancient cultures including the  Ancient Egyptians, Romans and the Vikings. We have counters, dice, playing pieces, marbles, throwing sticks, and plenty of replica games to play.

Computer Based Gaming

We have a large collection of digital games, home computers, gaming consoles, cartridges, cassettes, discs, PC games, arcade machines, handheld gaming devices, manuals, guidebooks, development machines, development tools and documentation.

Tabletop Gaming

We have an extensive collection of board games dating back to around 1800. From hand printed games mounted on linen backing to modern classics. Many of our board games are playable examples but some are very rare first editions or limited print runs.

Party and Parlour Games

We have a good range of parlour and party games from Victorian times through to modern classics such as Trivial Pursuits. The pride of our collection is a hand made  parlour game dating from around 1815.

Roleplaying Games

We have wargaming and fantasy role playing  games from Chainmail and first edition Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer, Heroquest  and Space Hulk.  We have games manuals and thousands of minatures in our collection.

Playing Cards and TCGs

Our playing card collection contains a wide variety of distinctive card types from around the world. We also have card games such as PIT, Sylabex and Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering.

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