Friends of the Museum

The Museum of Games and Gaming exists as an independent museum to preserve, illustrate, explore, interpret and document the historical importance of games and the influence of gaming upon society and industry. The organisation is formed for the benefit of the local community, general public, students, schools and academics. We are based in Lancashire, England, a place where gaming is well supported, here's some of our great Lancashire based

Join Us

The Friends of the Museum of Gaming is open to everyone. We will be holding various events throughout the year including game nights, talks, artefact handling and special events. To ensure you receive your invitations to these events please join our group.

Indiviual Membership is just £15 per year.
Join Membership (2 people) is just £25 per year.
Family Membership (4 people) is just £45 per year.

Museum goals

  • 1. to deliver a programme of public exhibitions relating to the museum's themes and purposes.
  • 2. to provide public services, events and outreach for the benefit of the local community and their families.
  • 3. to generate publications, make public information about objects in the museum's collections and produce other forms of dissemination.
  • 4. to actively engage the local community, schools, higher and further education facilities with educational activities around the museum's themes and purposes.
  • 5. to actively engage with the local community in an inclusive manner, building a museum that is relevant for Lancashire as well as the wider area.
  • 6. to be actively involved in community events and provide outlets and links with local business and individuals involved in game development or gaming activities.
  • 7. to acquire, preserve, research and manage collections of objects relating to the history of games and their development.
  • 8. to promote access to the museum's collections and resources for study, education and enjoyment.
  • 9. to maintain and develop a communications plan to market the museum and increase public awareness.
  • 10. to maintain affiliation with relevant bodies and associations for the purpose of collaboration, support and the furthering of knowledge.
  • 11. to be develop links with tourism and local councils to encourage visitors to Lancashire.

Get involved

  • Volunteer:
    We occasionally need volunteers to help out at exhibitions, talk to the public about what we are doing and play games. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with a little information about yourself.
  • Visit Us:
    We are holding several events in 2016, take a look at our events page for more details.
  • Contact Us:
    Email Us:
    Call Us: 01772 972359
    Write to us: Museum of Gaming, 18 Derby House Chambers, Lytham Road, Preston, PR2 8JE.
  • Follow Us:
    To keep up to date with everything that is happening at the museum please follow the museum's twitter feed; Twitter Feed
  • Chat With Us
    To join in with discussions about the museum's items then please join the facebook group; Facebook Group


  • Issue 7 - May 2016 - PLAY Expo Blackpool
    An update of our "Why do we play?" exhibition, news from our weekend at PLAY Expo Blackpool, lots of new items entering the archive (too many too list even a fraction of them) and Torpedo Run (the biggest board game ever!).

    Issue 6 - February 2016 - Our new archive
    We finally have a new archive room! Plus we have news about work on our Scalextric exhibition and some interesting new items entering our archive. We also have an update from our board meeting and the new trustee appointments.

    Issue 5 - November 2015 - SEGA Goodies
    News about our retro game development project, some prototype megadrive goodies and SEGA's first console the SG-1000. There's also news about how we're going to expand the archive and associated events in 2016.

    Issue 4 - August 2015 - Warrington Museum Exhibition
    Covering the exhibition at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, Lytham Arts Festival and some interesting Tomb Raider goodies.

    Issue 3 - May 2015 - Community Events
    Find out more about our community events this year and keep up to date with items entering the archive including a board game from 1803.

    Issue 2 - February 2015 - Snakes and Ladders
    In this issue, you'll find Snakes & Ladders, an update on items entering our archive, and some clues on identifying a first edition, first print run of Cluedo.

    Issue 1 - November 2014 - Our first newsletter
    In this issue, you'll find our statement of purpose and information on why we're creating the museum. You can also read about our recent acquisitions: The Courtship Game (c.1815), Bull & Bear PIT (1919) and SORRY (1929).