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The Museum of Games and Gaming is not open to visitors but has held regular touring exhibitions at gaming events, museums and other cultural organisations. We are currently building our online community but will keep you informed of any events we attend.

Online Community - Social Media

We are currently building our online community of people interesting in gaming and gaming history. Please join us on our social media pages, share your stories with us. Memories of gaming events past or how and what you currently love playing.

Send us pics and we'll do our best to give you a shout out or retweet from the museum.

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Play Expo - Manchester

We have attended Play Expo Manchester several times and always had a great reception. This expo is filled with modern and retro video games and people who enjoy electronic gaming so we are a bit of an unusal exhibitor. We take a variety of gaming artefacts from ancient games that are thousands of yesrs old to rare consoles and development machines.

At this expo full of technology we generally get people playing ancient games made from stones.

Play Expo - Blackpool

We first attended Blackpool Play Expo in 2016 with an exhibition titled "Why do we play?". The exhibition was our first expo and was a great success at getting people involved and letting people know about the museum. We got to show off some of our gaming artefacts and talk to people about the history of gaming.

We met some great people in Blackpool and played a lot of games. It was amazing to see people get absorbed by the strategy involved in our simple games.

Exhibition - Warrignton Museum and Art Gallery

We were approached by Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in 2015 to prepare an exhibition around the history of games. We were delighted to put together this exhibition which ran over the summer holidays. I was very well attended with people queing at the door on the opening day.

The exhibition was featured in the local and national press and also had a slot on BBC's Antique's Roadtrip.

Come and Play - Lytham Art Festival

The museum took a trip to the seaside and was featured in the Lytham art festival. We took over a large room at the town hall and hosted a free come and play day. We brought a variety of board and floor games with us that would get people involved and we also ran a games design area that allowed people to create their own board games.

International Tabletop Day - UCLAN

This was our first outing as the Museum of Gaming. We attended International Tabletop Day at UCLAN which was a great event with a large attendance. We engaged the public with our ancient gaming tables for the first time. The reaction was amazing and so we continued to use these games and expand our collection of them.

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