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Information about the Museum of Games and Gaming as an organisation.

Opening Hours

Thank you for visiting the Museum of Games and Gaming website. Unfortunately we are no longer open to visitors. Thanks to everyone who came to see us, got involved or just played games with us.

Our Organisation

The Museum of Games and Gaming exists as an independent museum to preserve, illustrate, explore, interpret and document the historical importance of games and the influence of gaming upon society and industry. The organisation is formed for the benefit of the local community, general public, students, schools and academics.

We are a history museum formed in 2014 and house a collection of games and gaming artefacts at our archive.

The museum does not have a visitor space currently but holds exhibitions at game related events, local universities, museums and art galleries. Our exhibitions are educational and focused on delivering meaning to audiences in an entertainment based environment. We do this through practical hands on game sessions set against traditional interpretation media to provide a cohesive narrative. Learning is natural and informal providing extra depth to the entertainment value inherent in gaming exhibitions. 

Our goals are as follows:

    1. to deliver a programme of public exhibitions relating to the museum's themes and purposes.
    2. to provide public services, events and outreach for the benefit of the local community and their families.
    3. to generate publications, make public information about objects in the museum's collections and produce other forms of dissemination.
    4. to actively engage the local community, schools, higher and further education facilities with educational activities around the museum's themes and purposes.
    5. to actively engage with the local community in an inclusive manner, building a museum that is relevant for Lancashire as well as the wider area.
    6. to be actively involved in community events and provide outlets and links with local business and individuals involved in game development or gaming activities.
    7. to acquire, preserve, research and manage collections of objects relating to the history of games and their development.
    8. to promote access to the museum's collections and resources for study, education and enjoyment.
    9. to maintain and develop a communications plan to market the museum and increase public awareness.
    10. to maintain affiliation with relevant bodies and associations for the purpose of collaboration, support and the furthering of knowledge.
    11. to be develop links with tourism and local councils to encourage visitors to Lancashire.

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