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VIEW ITEM  Alpha-Beta Set
A simple alphabet set for creating words. Contains plastic letters and a beachwood board to set them on.

VIEW ITEM  Floor Games
Floor games was the predecesor to Little Wars and describes a number of games that can be played on "well lit and airy" floors with a childs existing toys. The later book "little wars" is one of the first rule books for wargaming published.

VIEW ITEM  Hand-cut Jigsaw
An example of an early hand cut jigsaw, paper print applied to plywood. The illustration is by H. M. Brock.

VIEW ITEM  Games Catalogue
A small UPL games and books catalogue.

POLEMOS, wood engraved print showing details of a new war game played at the United Services Institute. Using a grid battle mat and miniatures this has a lot in common with modern wargaming.

Now showing objects 1 to 5 of 5.